tomer bachar high budgets marketing consultant

Tomer Bachar is a High Budget Marketing Consultant & Angel Investor

Specializes in Marketing Strategies, Performance, eCommerce and Consumer Psychology

 Currently supervises millions of advertising budgets & leads  PPC departments in large marketing agencies

Lecturer and Instructor for organization who aspire improving employees’ high budget performance

תומר בכר יועץ שיווק

what we offer

Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consulting for brand & companies owners who want to upgrade and improve performance

Marketing Budget Supervision

Supervising the marketing budget by joining company marketing teams and supervising the internal team / agencies while providing a clear strategy for goal achievement

Minimum Marketing Budget $150K

Marketing Strategy Plan

For new and old companies that want to put their entire marketing strategy in order, with emphasis on setting a base for high-budget scales

Brand vs Business

The essential difference between a regular business and a brand is the marketing

A regular business thinks that social media (PPC) is the cause of success that advertising will provide results

A brand knows –  Marketing is art.

Proper marketing is a mixture of many little things people  pay no attention to

Product, service experience, branding, positioning and creative , to name a few

Combining these factors with the right team or the right marketing agency will make you a brand,  with me as your consultant.

marketing resume

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