$2.4M eCommerce Brand Marketing Basic’s

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1. Differentiation

Who are you?
What is your brand?

What is so special about your company?
What is different in your company?


If you don’t have the answers to these things as an entrepreneur, CEO or company owner then I’m sorry to tell you, you’re living on borrowed time


The day will come, maybe in a week, maybe in a month, and maybe in a year

that a new competitor will enter the arena and he will come with his own differentiation


The same differentiation that can be characterized in many ways

– Different product

– Different use of the product

– A brand with different values

– A brand with a unique team in the company

– A brand that does things differently

Many of the things I say are not new, especially to you

But I will try to update you on something that many miss


Many times this differentiation is exposed in the wrong places

In PR articles, on the website, in the sales process


Your differentiation should be shown in every advertisement, and you really don’t need to push it in a boring and written way


But, any thought for your next advertisement should include incorporating your differentiation, even if it’s just to try and get it into the consumer’s subconscious in indirect ways


And these ways are already an art that I will detail in the next post

2. Make it simple

Many times businesses focus too much on the designing part
but forget that a “simple” look converts more clients

User experience needs to be simple.

Sometimes the craziest designs are the ones that don’t convert people to buy,
and the old websites that are simple for the user give us the best performance

Why it’s happening?
the answer is simple


People need to understand everything on the site, sometimes elaborate and complex designs don’t give the answer to the simple things

Don’t invest in a design that looks best to the human eye,

Invest in a design that is most understandable to the human eye.

3. Brand Design

a Brand Book is a necessary thing for big brands, sometimes people forget how important it is.


One of the most important things found in a brand book

He is the color palette, the colors that the brand represents. The colors that represent the brand?


If you notice the same colors accompany big brands everywhere,

Starting with the real world in the branding of the physical products

and up to campaigns that are published around the world and on social media


The human eye perceives things subconsciously in seconds

Therefore it is of great importance to combine the colors of the brand (one color is preferred)

In campaigns. This small change will make a huge difference in the subconscious of consumers


A good example is Kylie Jenner’s brand. pink colors that appear in all the campaigns, The assimilation of the color in the minds of consumers is an important part of the sales process.

4. Physical Touch & Advertising Blind

We are in 2022, after many years that eCommerce & social networks are an essential part of our lives


Our perception of buying products and in general for our entertainment has changed

We spend over 50% of our time in front of screens, and in bad condition…


And precisely because of this, it is of great importance for a brand not only to be in the digital space, a place where it is difficult to stand out, it is difficult to enter the mind of the consumer


An average person is exposed every 5 minutes to an ad in the digital space.

In a study conducted in (year), it was found that 42% of people didn’t look at the ad for less than a minute and already passed


The average in the study was 0.7 seconds for looking at an ad


All of the above leads us to the understanding that it is difficult to enter the consumer’s mind, if we do it only digitally it is almost impossible (at high scales)


And this is where the physical touch comes in.


You won’t see one big brand that hasn’t touched its consumers in some way in reality, it could be on billboards, in a central store located in a city in the world or even on a shirt logo

5. Selling emotions instead of products

The brand’s focus should shift from selling products to selling emotions and feelings

A cosmetic brand does not sell hair cream

They sell the smell of the cream and the fun feeling that the customer walks around with smell & look.


Swimwear brand for women

Does not sell high-quality fabric.

It sells the feeling of self-confidence that is given to customers at sea


A cyber company that protects other companies

Does not sell the protection product,

They sell the feeling of comfort, that there is someone to protect the company when an attack occurs.

We sell feelings and emotions, not products.


How do we do this in a practical way?
We present everything we sell in a tangible way

If we sell girls the feeling of being younger

We will present in the advertisements all the things that characterize the younger generation


We will probably use a young model

We will use elements that symbolize childhood

We will link as much as possible to the consumers’ subconscious of that same feeling


In a way that they will remember and feel it when they looks at our advertisements

6. Existing customers

Small brands tend to spend a lot of rescources  in making new customers

A Big brand relies on existing customers.


There are two  main reasons

1) Business Model – Every business should know that in the end, the ones who drive the cash flow are the existing customers, those who come back to purchase the same product / complementary products


Those customers who already love your brand,

Those customers who trust you,

Those customers who choose you to provide them your service,

Those customers who like the process of buying from you.


Invest in your existing customers, they are your business engine.

2) Improvement – No matter how many product managers, marketing people, creative people or experts you bring, in the end you will get the feedback on how to improve in the best way from your existing customers


Those who went through a journey and an entire sales process with you are the ones who will give you feedback on where to improve, those who work in your company are sometimes so “blinded” that they don’t see the little things. “  external experts also sometimes come with a certain perspective that helps but not intirely.


Check with your existing customers where there are problems, where can you improve; they will give the most accurate answers.

7. Public discourse

The most important subject in my eyes, and probably the subject on which opinions are most divided


In my opinion

A brand / company that is not in people’s mouths is not known enough


No matter how much you pay to advertising platforms and being in people’s faces, once people had started  talking about you, only then, you managed to enter  their subconscious.


The best advertising is word of mouth

Once a person is in a social conversation with a group of people,and  you hear someone say your brand name out of their mouth in any context, you immediately received points in the sub


As soon as your name was mentioned from the point of view of the consumer, you suddenly broke the cognitive dimension, as we discussed earlier about the dimension you need to break, which is the dimension of the physical world


There is another dimension which is the cognitive dimension, the very fact that people  know you give a certain sense of security to the consumer, especially when it comes to eCommerce companies or companies that provide services online


A bit like the phrase “I think therefore I am” (Rene Descartes) “

So as soon as you are being talked about, you exist.


I will get into this discussion in another post, but I can say that in my opinion, even talking about you in a negative way has a positive effect in a certain sense and in a certain percentage.


Now, how do you reach a broad public discourse?

When the whole country or, the whole world is talking about your company or brand / 


In most cases by creating  provocations that produce a reaction., Any emotional reaction will often lead to people reacting in one way or another


Any such response can lead to whole discussions around your brand

And by the way, provocations don’t always have to be bad, you can create provocations that will create positive discussions around your brand.


But the main thing is that people talk about you.


This article was written by Tomer Bachar and all rights are reserved to him
Image: Tomer Client (Supervision)

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