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Want to take your marketing more seriously?
Your Marketing team / advertising agency no longer provides stable results?
Building a marketing strategy program, with my guidance  will provide you an accurate plan for the success of your organization in just a few sessions.

The importance of Marketing Strategy

Lots of companies that reach out to me after many years of working with quality marketing managers and large advertising agencies do it because they feel frustrated. The reason is not the workers, it’s the lack of order at work. Marketing requires a long thinking process that’s prior to taking out a campaign In light of the fact that many advertising agencies know how to advertise but not how to do proper marketing, the transition between the two can easily become a mess, and can be avoided with a great marketing strategy.

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Marketing Strategy Plan

Building a marketing strategy program includes a number of actions:

  • Characterization meetings – In these meetings we will review the business and get to know the senior company’s officials. We will understand company’s vibeand know how to speak like it. This is necessary to even begin thinking about how to market the company’s products.
  • Report analysis – By that point we would have discussed the dry numbers, taken out the company’s reports a few years back (if those exist) and dive deep into the small details. In addition, we will pass all the marketing and advertising strategies that have  been chosen over the last years and  the campaigns that launched.
  • Building the Strategy – We will prepare a long and concentrated report with your company’s marketing ways. Among other things, we will include referral messages, referral approach, method of work, the advertising areas you have to access, etc. This will occur after reviewing your work, the market and competitors fully.
  • Action Program – At this point, you will receive an accurate action plan for your suppliers. If you have an agency / advertising agency it will receive accurate guidance on how to get off and access the advertising platforms and run the campaigns in the marketing line we created for you.
  • Advertising Team – If you have already replaced enough offices and advertising agencies, we are the ones who find the appropriate agency / office. Since I know every agenciy in the country and we’ll be the ones preparing an accurate strategy plan for you, it will be easy for you to place your new suppliers with regard to advertising solutions.

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