marketing budget supervision

Managing a high advertising budget is hard work

It doesn’t matter if your company has an internal or external marketing team, having a scale in the right way is complicated

This service was set up to provide a solution that improves the outcomes of your existing teams’ work.

The service includes supervision of your marketing budget, marketing strategy and marketing team

The Supervision Solution

Lots of business owners who reach out to me after many years of working with quality marketing executives and large advertising agencies do it because they feel frustrated. This doesn’t happen because workers are incompetent, it happens because of the uncertainty they are experiencing

After all, at the end of the day you as company owners want to know that everything is relevant and connected to your cause and  that taking out X will provide you 3X, for example

But who is going to keep the promises that the advertising agencies have given you?

Since usually they are not there to sustain it, sometimes you are not even sure whether  they are related to your success or you are the one responsible for results

That’s why I’m here, to be the person you can trust. With my vast experience I can monitor and download a clear strategy and in tailor you the office / agency your company needs, each office with its own vibe and practical experience

I know everyone because they were all my colleagues, and most importantly I know how to examine data in the field 

and translate it to you into very simple language: What works and what doesn’t..

By the way, I do not sell dreams, I am a realist

Get ready for reprimands.

let's work together

* Minimum budget of $150K